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How to Care for Esthetic Composite Bonding.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Dental bonding is a great option if you have minor flaws affecting your front teeth. It can be an economical solution for issues such as stained or chipped teeth and is less expensive and more conservative than porcelain veneers; and can be as esthetics.

In addition, bonded teeth don’t require special aftercare. The material used bonds well with the teeth. After treatment, you must follow the aftercare instructions that your dentist will give you to ensure that the composite resin can last as long as possible. In general, dental bondings can last 2-5 years, and will last longer if they are well taken care of.

If you notice any sharp edges on your bonded teeth or if they feel strange when you bite down, call your dentist. Bonded teeth can be repaired or reworked if necessary.

Aftercare Instructions

Dental bonding is more prone to staining and chipping than other treatments. That is why basic aftercare is needed so you can keep your bonded teeth looking natural and glossy. Here are some tips to keep your bonded teeth in good condition:

  • Brushing – Brush your teeth in the morning and once at night. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride and replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months to guarantee that your teeth are properly cleaned.

  • Flossing – when you floss your teeth, bring the floss up to the gum line and completely remove all plaque before you proceed to the next tooth.

  • Drinking water after every meal – when you drink water after meals, you keep your mouth clean and healthy as water will help flush out food debris and lessen acidity levels in your mouth.

  • Things that stain teeth – the use of tobacco products, like chewing tobacco or cigarettes, causes yellow stains on your natural teeth and bonded teeth. Foods and drinks such as tea, red wine, juices, coffee, and candies with artificial colouring can also stain the teeth. If you smoke, this is a good reason to quit. If you often drink red wine, coffee, or other foods with dark colours, cut down on these types of foods. It will be helpful to rinse your mouth with water after eating staining food.

  • Habits that wear down the composite resin, such as biting on fingernails, pens and other objects, can wear down the bonding material and enamel over time. The composite resin can easily chip, so it is best to avoid such activities.

  • Nighttime teeth grinding and clenching can cause excessive wear and tear of the bonding and your teeth, which can lead to chipping and breaking. If you experience repetitive chipping of the bonding that is recently done with unknown cause, your dentist will recommend a night guard to help you protect your teeth against the damaging force from nighttime grinding and clenching.

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06 juil. 2022

Thanks Dr. Yiyi for the thorough explanation. I am very happy with the results of my treatment. I feel my brand new smile has given me renewed confidence and improved my self-esteem!

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