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Areas of Expertise

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 Cosmetic Dentistry
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I have received extensive training to help my patients enhance their smile. 

Treatments include: 

Orthodontic Treatment 
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​Orthodontic treatment will help to establish a balanced foundation for your bite and jaw, and as a bonus, improves general esthetics too. 

  • Certified Invisalign Provider: Silver Invisalign Provider 2022

  • Airway focused Early Orthodontic Interventions: Phase 1 arch development for children in active growing phase 

  • Tranditional Orthodontic: AKA: Braces 

Replacement of Missing Tooth/Teeth
Root Canal

Unfortunately when we lose a tooth or multiple teeth, the rest of our "team members" will need to work harder to maintain normal chewing function. In order to prevent excessive wear and tear and to protect the remaining healthy teeth, it will be necessary to replace the missing tooth/teeth with: 

  • Single tooth implant 

  • Bridge 

  • Denture

Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMD) 
Image by Ashley Piszek

I have received training in identify, prevention and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disease (TMD) through means of: 

  • Physiotherapy exercises 

  • Appliances: night time appliances  

Kids' Dentistry
Image by S&B Vonlanthen

As a mom myself, I know little teeth need much tender loving care. I help build healthy dental habit early on with focus on prevention. I also screen for any developmental concerns.

  • Preventative treatment 

  • Primary teeth restoration 

  • Air way focused development check

  • Nitrous oxide: AKA Laughing gas to help kids relax during treatment if needed

  • Early orthodontic intervention: Airway-minded.   

Restoration of Tooth 
Image by Caroline LM

In order to maintain your dental health, it will be necessary to restore those tooth/ teeth with cavity with 

  • Tooth - colored fillings 

  • Crowns : if the existing filling on the tooth is too big, it will need to be protected with a crown which covers the portion of the tooth above the gum line 

  • Root canal therapy: if the cavity has gotten too deep, the nerve will require treatment in order to keep the tooth in place 

Emergency Dental Care 
Image by Adrian Swancar

Despite of routine dental care and check up, dental emergencies can happen. I can help. 

  • Assessment and same day treatment if time allows

  • Dental extractions 

  • Root canal therapy 

Depending on the type of emergency, I will likely to recommend ways to prevent dental emergencies again. 

Management of Dental Anxiety
Image by Tonik

I understand the dental setting can be an anxious environment for some patients. My goal is to create a comfortable experience for each one of my patients through consistent care over time to build trust between dental health providers and patients.

Additional sedation options are available to help ease the anxiety:  

  • Nitrous Oxide ("Laughing gas") 

  • Oral sedation: mild sedative medication to help you relax through the appointment. 

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